Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Today we had to wait in the room until our guide called to let use know that all was good with the visas. Afterwards we went to the white swan play room for about thirty minutes. Tracy listened to Makenna again this morning and she sounded better. Makenna is now napping with Daddy. She is very stubborn and has a very bad temper when she does not get her way. Later we are going to do the traditional red couch photos that should be lots of fun. Tonight we are going to our favorite place to eat pizza again. I will post pictures later. Kayla and Josh take it easy on Maw-maw.

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  1. Hey Michelle !!
    We have to laugh at your description of Makenna's reminds us so much of Hollyn while we were in China. These little girls must be used to getting their way in the orphanage! Be warned, the control issue does not end when you get home, but they are so precious otherwise. Even their bossiness can be endearing (sometimes!).
    Please, PLEASE ask your guide to take you guys out for some really good Cantonese food while you're there. I promise you'll love it. It's not permissable to eat pizza and Lucy's every night while you're in China! Just tell her you want to stick with vegetable and chicken dishes and you'll be fine! Can't wait to see you when back in Mooresville. Love, Sandi