Friday, May 29, 2009

New pictures

I took Makenna to the park to take some new pictures she was happy at first then got rather upset I finally gave in and changed her clothes and let her play. Maybe I will try again later before she outgrows the dress.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Taking out the trash

Makenna is getting so independent and wants to help with all the chores around the house I asked Dana to take out the trash and she came running and said I do it and she did. Dana helped her as much as she would let him I grabbed the camera. Maybe this will continue and she will always want to help out. Most likely not!

First ice cream cone

After school we went to Bruster's to enjoy some ice cream Makenna got her first ice cream cone and she was so excited she kept saying my ice cream. She really did a good job and even shared with all of us. Since then she has asked for ice cream everyday. I guess she takes after her sister and would eat ice cream for breakfast if she could.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Bless you

This morning we was driving to go meet friends at the park and I started sneezing and then all the sudden I heard the sweetest thing from Makenna she said Bless you Mommy. I was so amazed that I pretended to sneeze again to see if she would say it again and she did. I love this child so much and everyday she amazes me more.

Monday, May 18, 2009


On Saturday we decided to grill out and I had to take Kayla and Kenna to the store to get the steaks on our way to the back of the store Kenna noticed the watermelon and started screaming I thought that's funny because she has not had any watermelon since being in China. We ate watermelon every morning for breakfast in China. I picked up some small pieces that were already cut and when we got home she remembered and had to have some. While she was eating she was saying yummmm!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Oreo cookies and diaper issues

Last week Josh had to watch Makenna while I took Kayla to Dance and Dana was working late. This was the first time I have left Kenna with Josh and when I came home Kenna came running screaming Mommy! I started picking up toys and found crumbs on the floor and tables. I asked what do you give her for snack and Josh said she wanted oreo cookies. I laughed because she has only oreo one other time and I think this is what Josh was having and he just decided to share. After a little while I noticed that Kenna was pulling at her diaper and started to check when I seen the funniest thing Josh had changed her and put the daiper on backwards. We all had a good laugh.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Sending our love to China

We sent Makenna's birth Mom a red balloon with a note attached for what she had given us and that we could never give her anything that would measure what she has given us. So after Kenna took a nap we headed outside and let the balloon go I try to explained to Kenna what we were doing this for and I know she was too young or so I thought until she let the balloon go and started throwing kisses and waving bye to it. It brought tears to our eyes to see her doing this. I know for sure we will do this every year on Mother's day to show our gratitude and blessings for her birth Mom.

Happy Mother's day

I hope all the Mother's had a great day! I know I had a great day it was Makenna's first one with us. We had her dedication service at church and the pictures say the whole story she seen the steps behind us and was screaming steps or down for most of the time. Then she decided that the gum I gave her would be fun to play with and pull out of her mouth. It was also our anniversery so three great things in one day. I thank God for the three blessing he has given to me.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Pool is open

This weekend was the first weekend that the pool in our neighborhood was open and we took advantaged and enjoyed the cold water. Kenna loves water and is so happy just filling her water can up and dumping it out. I know we will be at the pool alot this summer and I am ready for it.

Dance Recital

Kayla had her dance recital on Saturday it was great to see how hard the kids worked through the year. Kayla did great and we are very proud of her the pictures are not so good i was trying to take pictures on Kenna. Kayla has been dancing since she was three and she really enjoys it.

Friday, May 8, 2009

It's all about homework

Everyday when the kids come home from school I ask if they have homework. In the last week Kenna has been saying a least 20 times a day (I hav homework) so I finally figured out that she would go to the kitchen table and use her doodle toy for her homework. When she has drawed for awhile she say's I'm done homework. We clap and wait for the next time. I know one day she want be this excited about homework.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Doctor visit

Last week Kenna had her checkup the doctor said she is in the 100th percentile for height and 75 for her weight. He was amazed how many words she was saying and how she is growing. He said that she is going to be tall and lean. I laughed and said just like her Dad, Josh and Kayla. I am the shortest in our family and looks like Kenna will probably be taller than me also. Oh well!

Waiting children in China

When we adopted Makenna in August 2008 while in China Dana made the comment that we would be back. I laughed because I felt at that time all I wanted to do was get home and have all our kids together and I felt completed. Little did I know that on the long plane ride home where Kenna would only let me hold her and I could not even use the restroom without her screaming so long that by the time I returned everyone was giving us bad looks. It was then that I felt God say you will be back. Since we have returned and life has got back to the new normal we often talk about going back this weekend I was talking to Dana about the list of children that I got an email about. Josh overheard us and said if you going to do this again do it now because I will be grduating in two years and I want to get to know my brother Yes you guessed it Josh wants a brother before I leave. I said well we can't now because I would like to take all of you back with us and then Josh and Kayla really suprised us and said we don't need to go just take Kenna with you. Our kids have the biggest hearts and never cease to amaze us. So stay tune because you never know what God is going to do.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Temper Tantrums

In the last week Makenna has been throwing temper tantrums the first time was last week in Kohls we I tried a pair of shoes on her and when I went to take them off she threw herself on the floor and screamed for about 10 minutes I just stood there trying to ignore her. A lady walked up and said she must be two years old and I said not yet and the lady laughed. Funny thing I don't remember Josh and Kayla doing this when they were young I must have blocked that from my memory. This week at her checkup the doctor asked if there was any tantrums yet and I told him at least one a day. He said that it's very normal and try just ignore her. I was able to get pictures of one this week.

New Camera

We have been looking for a new camera for a while now. We finally broke down and purchased one. The Nikon d60 has been fun trying to learn all the options even Dana has been excited to take pictures he took it outside on Sunday afternoon and when he came back it had 150 pictures on it. Some were good and some needed to be deleted.