Saturday, May 2, 2009

Temper Tantrums

In the last week Makenna has been throwing temper tantrums the first time was last week in Kohls we I tried a pair of shoes on her and when I went to take them off she threw herself on the floor and screamed for about 10 minutes I just stood there trying to ignore her. A lady walked up and said she must be two years old and I said not yet and the lady laughed. Funny thing I don't remember Josh and Kayla doing this when they were young I must have blocked that from my memory. This week at her checkup the doctor asked if there was any tantrums yet and I told him at least one a day. He said that it's very normal and try just ignore her. I was able to get pictures of one this week.


  1. My oldest daughter did this. She would scream, log roll from one wall to the other and pull her hair out. Our DR told us the same thing. She is 9 now and doesn't did it anymore. It last about 5-6 months though. It was rough. This was my first baby so it really freaked me out! Don't worry to much, we just went about our bussiness and she figured out that we were not pay attention ot her and she stopped it!

  2. Tantrums are so hard...frustrating and yet comical at the same time. Whatever you do...DON'T GIVE IN! Don't let her spot your weakness or it's all over. ;)

  3. Love the new header picture...she looks like she is on a mission....I too blocked out the tantrums...these sweet girls from China have strong wills:)

  4. That picture could have been taken at our house. We too are battling the tantrums. I am ignoring them as well. These girls are strong will, but I love that.
    Good luck,