Monday, May 4, 2009

Waiting children in China

When we adopted Makenna in August 2008 while in China Dana made the comment that we would be back. I laughed because I felt at that time all I wanted to do was get home and have all our kids together and I felt completed. Little did I know that on the long plane ride home where Kenna would only let me hold her and I could not even use the restroom without her screaming so long that by the time I returned everyone was giving us bad looks. It was then that I felt God say you will be back. Since we have returned and life has got back to the new normal we often talk about going back this weekend I was talking to Dana about the list of children that I got an email about. Josh overheard us and said if you going to do this again do it now because I will be grduating in two years and I want to get to know my brother Yes you guessed it Josh wants a brother before I leave. I said well we can't now because I would like to take all of you back with us and then Josh and Kayla really suprised us and said we don't need to go just take Kenna with you. Our kids have the biggest hearts and never cease to amaze us. So stay tune because you never know what God is going to do.


  1. God is leading the way. Pray and you will have the answer. You have an amazing family. You know I would do it again in a minute.

    Supporting you all the way,

  2. I will pray for you! If you feel God is leading you, you should go!

  3. How exciting! It's so fun to think about adding to your family!

  4. OH BOY!!! I sure pray that God leads you down that path again! I always say if I was younger we'd do it again in a heartbeat. Our address is 8780 Cedar Point Road Oregon OH 43618-I thought I had yours, but cannot find it-please send it with your next post.
    Still think of you all alot and laugh to myself over some of the funny things we . Keep in touch.