Monday, September 15, 2008

Makenna is keeping us very busy I forgot how busy a 15 month old can be. In the last week we have had two doctor visits. Makenna really does not like going to the doctor and having him touch her at all. She had blood drawn and this really made her mad the nurse felt so bad for her. It took me a two nurses to hold her down. The doctor said she looks very healthy and seems to be on target for her age. Makenna is now giving me kisses on the cheek this is the sweetest feeling. She also loves baby dolls and gives them hugs and kisses. She loves all her shoes and trys to put them on by herself. We are trying to stay home with her as much as possible due to she started feeling a little overwhelmed after we took her around family and friends last weekend. We hope to have her at church again in a few weeks.

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