Friday, April 10, 2009

Sand and Water table fun

We got Kenna a sand and water table at first she didn't like getting sand on her hands now she loves it and wants to play in it all the time. Also we had slushie for the first time we have a slushie maker and the kids decided we needed to make Kenna her first one. She loved it and after finishing her she went to everyone else and took a bite.


  1. June loves to play in sand....that table is really neat! I am glad you trip to the zoo ended up to be a nice day. I love going to the zoo but we also have an hours journey no matter which zoo we choose. To answer your camera question I use a Nikon D 40...I love it, however, I also have a "diaper bag" camera.

  2. My boys are lucky enough to play in sand every day at school...unfortunately by car and house are sand-filled as a result!

    Very cute pics!