Thursday, July 2, 2009

Day 3 at beach

On Tuesday My aunt Cissy and Makenna fell in love and their was no one like aunt Cissy. My Dad and Mom was even a little jealous all Makenna would say is aunt Cissy all day long. Aunt Cissy even convidence Kenna to try the ocean again and she loved it and from then on we could not keep her out of it. This was the first vacation for my aunt without my uncle who passed away a month after we returned home from China. My aunt did really well knowing that they always vacationed with my Mom and Dad. My Dad has never really accepted that his brother was gone until now it was a very hard week for him. My aunt started crying on the beach one day holding Kenna because my uncle never got to meet her in person only seen pictures. All she said was I know how much he would have loved getting to know her. She had everyone a little upset when she mentioned this. He loved Josh and Kayla so much and they miss him so much and recalled everything that he would do with them on the Beach.

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  1. Your children are beautiful! Looks like you had a great time, hope your dad is doing well!