Monday, August 24, 2009

Playing hide and seek

Over the summer Josh and Kayla have taught Kenna how to play hide and seek and I have to admit she is very good. They have told her when she is hiding to be very quiet and not to come out when you call her name. At first she was only hiding behind doors or in another room. She now hides under beds in closets under the messed up bedding on the bed.
A few weeks ago we couldn't find her anywhere we both got a little panicked and knew that she had to be in the house after screaming and screaching everywhere Dana headed outside and looked around I finally found her under the comfortor on Kayla's bed. I had been in Kayla's room looking under the bed and in the closet and even hollered for her with no response. I tryed explaining to her when Mommy and Daddy was calling for her that she needed to come to us. Now our house has different locks on all the doors that lead outside just in case she gets brave enough to go outside and hide.


  1. OK - I think she has really gotten the hang of how to play hide n seek! Francesca has just started playing it too and there are times when I just can't find her (under the comfortor is a good place to start checking). Hope you had a great weekend and here's to a great week ahead!

  2. Michelle,
    Now that school has started back up I would love to try to meet up with you and our DG girls! We live South of the City & I think you live north? Maybe we could meet in the middle in the next few weeks?