Sunday, September 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Kayla

Fifthteen years ago on September 20, God blessed our lives with a sweet little girl that has grown into a beautiful young woman (I can't believe I am saying that) she is growing up way to fast. On the day she was born we were quite surprised that she was a little girl due to we were told it was a little boy and had been calling her Jacob for months. It took us weeks to convince Josh that she was not a Jacob.
Being that we didn't have a girl name or anything for a girl I had everyone running to the stores for her to have some girlie things when we got home. My grandmother had been telling me the entire time that the baby was a girl and I would just laugh and tell her the doctor's said it was a boy. On the day she was born I was so happy to see my grandmother and let her hold her first great-granddaughter I will always remember the smile on her face when she said I told you she was a girl.
Sometimes we don't get what were expecting though God knows better and gives us exactly what we need. I thank God for Kayla and her caring heart and the relationship that we have. Happy Birthday Kayla!!


  1. Hi Michelle,

    Here is the link to the clothes ... I couldn't get your email address to come up :)