Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Winter Jam 2010

On Sunday afternoon we headed to the Winter jam as a family. We decided to take Makenna since she loves christian music and it's all we listen to in the car. We had a great time after standing in line for over a hour. Third day was the main group and lots of others. Holt International sponsors this and have tables with childrens pictures and a little info so that a family can sponsor them while they are waiting on their forever families. It's hard to walk by and not look at all the little faces. Their was a little girl that touch Dana's heart and he wanted to see if we could find out any more info on her and if she is listed for adoption I contacted Holt and still waiting to hear. We all left and said we will be back next year..


  1. Is this a to be continued story? You know you can't do that to me... I will be emailing you right away :)

  2. So fighting jealousy...Third Day is my favorite! So glad yo enjoyed them though!