Sunday, September 5, 2010

Makenna's first day of school

On Wednesday Makenna started going to preschool at a local church. She was very unsure all morning getting ready to go. On the way I called her Daddy and told him to start praying cause if she cried I didn't think I could leave her. I will just say prayers worked their were no tears... Makenna came home from school saying she quit I told her she could not quit preschool she needed to have some friends to play with. Friday she was excited we I told her we were going back to school she is just upset that she can't ride the big yellow bus..


  1. Glad she decided to go back on Friday. June had her first day alone today:)

  2. Oh my is she growing up! I somehow lost the link to your blog for a while, but I've got you back on my list of places to check! I can't seem to find your email address either, send me a line and I'll give you what I know of Robert...