Monday, February 16, 2009

Cute things she says

Makenna is saying lots of new words and I love when she say's something new. This morning she was looking at a picture of Josh and Kayla and she said hey guys come here.She really does love them so much. I didn't have the camera but was very cute hand motions going on. It just amazes us how much she has learned in such a short time. Yesterday at church she gave some kisses to the nursery workers and they loved them.


  1. Michelle,
    How about a play date later this week? I am ready for friends. Erin is adjusting really well. She is running around the house chasing Ben and laughing. Nap time is a different story. Yesterday she cried and cried when I tried to put her down and when I rocked her. No nap, but she did collapse at 8pm. I guess we will get it worked out, she still needs a 2 hour nap each day. I can not complain, she is doing great. We are meeting my friend Jane Ann and her children today for lunch. I am getting a little stir crazy after 3 days at home. I am dreading the car seat.

  2. So is amazing how these little girls bless our families!

  3. Michelle,
    She is absolutely gorgeous! I cannot believe how much she has grown! It is always so nice to see a note from you on our blog! Sorry I haven't written on yours in such a long while. I am jealous of the nice weather you are having-we are due for more snow this wknd. How exciting to have friends just return from China. How old is their little girl? She looks adorable as well.
    Take care