Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy Saint Patrick's Day

I just found this on another blog and thought it was interesting.
A bit about Saint Patrick...

* He was a pagan until he was 16 years old

* He became a Christian during his enslavement to the Irish marauders who kidnapped him from his family's wealthy estate on the British mainland

* He escaped after 6 years and was so convicted of the need to spread the Gospel that he went to study at the monastery for 12 years

* In saving many souls for Christ, he was despised by the Celtic Druids who were pagans... he was captured and imprisoned by them on numerous occasions, but miraculously escaped each time

* Saint Patrick originated the symbol of the shamrock as he used it to teach the concept of the Trinity: three leaves connected by one stem (and isn't it cool that each leaf is in the shape of a heart?)

* He died on March 17 AD 461, which is why we celebrate his life on this day

* Although he is celebrated as a Saint, Patrick and the early Celtic Church of Ireland rejected any foreign control of the church, recognizing only Jesus Christ as head of the Church. Roman Catholicism was not embraced until many years later

Hope you have a wonderful day.

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