Tuesday, October 13, 2009

On my mind lately

In the last few weeks we have had alot people comments about adoption and Makenna. Most of the time the questions are very innocent and with good intentions sometimes families are just interested due to they would like more info for an adoption of their own. Dana has a hard time when people just stare at us and have strange looks on their faces. We really get stared at when we go out as a family with the two older kids. We get question like are the two older ones adopted also or are they from a previous marriage. I just say that God called us to China for our precious daughter and his plan was perect. When I look at my children they look the same to me and I love them more than words can say. Just this morning Makenna woke up and asked where Josh and Kayla was like every morning I said their at school she just smile and said I love my Josh and Kayla. Now that's all I need to hear. God is Good!!!


  1. How true, they are all in our hearts just the same....

  2. I relate to the curious looks. I get them more when I'm with my blonde haired, blue eyed husband than when I'm alone with the kids. It is strange sometimes to be so studied in public!