Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Funny things Makenna says

I thought I would put these down before I forget... Last night Makenna and Daddy was playing ball and Daddy bounced the ball instead of rolling it to her and she said that was not nice was it. I started laughing and had to walk away. She calls us Mommy doll and Daddy doll all the time. She now asks where my Josh is and my Kayla is. I believe she thinks they belong to her only. Yesterday I heard her moving the navitiy set around I asked her who moved the baby Jesus and she explained that Josh did it and for me to go get him and put him in time out..This year she is terrified of Santa and when someone asks if santa is coming to her house she cries no and says MawMaw is coming... I can't wait for to see her excitement on Christmas morning.

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