Monday, December 14, 2009

Tanglewood lights

On Saturday we headed to Winston-Salem to see the christmas lights. We decided to eat first and then head over to Tanglewood to get in line. I looked online before we left home and they didnt open until 6:00 so when we were on our way a 6:15 I was a little happy thinking we would not have to wait in line to long. Dana made a bet and said it would take us three hours to get through I just laughed. We got close and the traffic began the kids became restless and Dana played games on his phone while we waited. Makenna climbed the entire car over and over again. She would say we going to see christmas lights and we agreed. Finally three hours passed and we had made it to the entrance. It took us another hour to get through to the end. Watching Makenna's face light up and pointing at all the different lights was priceless. We had a long wait though was totally worth it.


  1. Oh Michelle, we did the same thing on Saturday but at Mcadenville, 3 hours in the car but the lights were nothing spectacular... Looks like you at least had a better view.

  2. Love the lights, when we lived in Memphis we had a similar "light show", the kids loved it. It was one of our favorite traditions:)